Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Tourist (2010)

Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp packed into a movie, what would it be? I can tell you that: fun drama :)

Here John plays as Frank Tupello, an American "tourist" who happens inside a train when Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie) is in the same train too, looking for someone who closely looks like "Alexander Pearce", her long lost love who happens now as Scotland Yard's (British police department) and Interpol's fugitive.

The film nicely shoots Italy, especially the city (I believe it's Venice?) and the river (Grand Canal?). And the Danieli hotel, not sure if it's real or not..but I can tell you, the suite room is damn lookin' classic and exclusive. I think it's somehow add the artistic side of this movie. Not sure how this movie will look if it is shot somewhere else :)

So as the poster said "it's all started when he met a woman". Tell me something guys (no offense, ladies  :) ), after you met a woman, how is your life? Less trouble? More? Just so so? Or is it "i feel nothing man...seriously". More often than not, you will be like this Frank. He's is just a bit unlucky I guess. After getting divorced (or his wife's funeral?), he feels alone. Probably he thought after visiting the city of love, he will found his new love. He almost gets that, with a bonus: the girl has troubles, bigger than his wild imagination. And he almost lost his life.

So, who is this Elise Ward? She is "Alexander pearce" lover. After disappearing, "Alexander" contacted her through out several letters send by couriers. Go there, visit this, take that... etc. Doesn't sound so romantic, huh? Wait until you realize that this Alexander has packs of billion dollar in his account. And that money is "hot". Stolen from a mafia boss. Now that's I call guts, boys :D

When Frank realizes he loves Elise (and vice versa), Elise admit she still loves Alexander too. So, what does Frank have to do? Gave up? At the same time, Elise is in danger...who should risk the life here? isn't "Alexander" who supposed to show up and defend Elise? In this climax (or anti climax? Depends on the way you see it...) scene, you shall reveal one ultimate fact...

--" ....after seeing your taste of men, you end up with math teacher from Winsconsin? " --



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