Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next Three Days (2010)

What can happen in the next three days of our life? Salary rise? Work in new office? wife giving a birth? Held a concert? Well, anything...including die of course. 3 day, 72 hours, 4320 minutes, 259200 seconds...that's a lot, if you ever think about that.

In this movie, Russell Crowe plays a desperate husband seeking a way to set her wife free from prison. But why his wife (played by Elizabeth Banks) is in prison? First degree murder a.k.a planned murder... at least that what the trial concluded about her. The night after she got heated talk with her boss, her boss was found killed in the car park, while at the same time Elizabeth was getting into the car too.

Then life turned upside down. Russell Crowe and his son must live without the beloved mom and wife. Russell can't even miss a single day without thinking how to restore things back the way it used to be.

So, the decision has been made. He had to set her wife free before she is moved to federal prsion (which means it could be more damn hard to break). In order to learn how to do it, he contacted Damon (Liam Neeson) to hear story on how he escaped himself years ago.

The rest of the movie goes with Russell executing this plan. He does it as if he had no single doubt that his wife is innocent. But is she? What if he is wrong? After all, breaking a jail isn't as easy as flipping hand. Federal state polices are ready to capture them and possibly make situations worse. And they must exit to somewhere hardly reached by U.S jurisdiction. If not, well.....bad again...

This movie is quite good, but not as good as Gladiator that brought Oscar to Russell Crowe. However, Russell still play well as a husband and dad. Elizabeth Banks, on the other hand, nicely depict a wife that lost her days with her son, missing his growth and his important days.

Too bad Liam Neeson character isn't explored deeper. I believe it could bring more depth into this movie. Without that, this movie does seem like solo Mission Impossible without "guns and mask". However, the nice thing is, the ending would give you a nice twist about what the whole story really about (or maybe what not really about, you decide here).

To conclude, zero to ten, I give it 7. Welcome aboard (again) Russell :)



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