Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buried (2010)

OK, so this is my first movie regarding movie review. And I'll start with kinda not-so-common movie title "Buried".

Yeah, in "Buried", movie tells you about someone trapped inside a coffin and then buried under the ground...possibly tens feets under (probably more). Thus, what's the fun of it?

First, I can say it's a terrific single person characterization from 3rd person point-of-view. From the start to the end, you only (visually) saw person which played quite well by Ryan Reynolds (as Paul Conroy). The other characters are just voice coming out from the mobile phone. So I can say that the emotion are almost entirely coming out from the conversation, period.

Second, it's dark (literally). What else do you expect when you are inside a coffin with just flash light, right? I think this is the strongest factor. Since you can't entirely see the scene, mostly shadows, tensions are brought step by step.

At the start, Paul found the fact that he is inside something. Next, he knows it's a box...which in turn turns out to be a coffin. Then, from the sound and sands that litters a bit, he knows it's under the ground. Not to mention the snake, fire accident and so on. I think the director intelligently plays this factor. Thumbs up.

Third, which is I think the biggest selling point of this movie is that Paul is just ordinary guy. Yeah, he's just a contract driver. He didn't knew that the risk is so damn high. That's why later he said "wish I listened to you" (his wife). He regrets it...and suddenly feel this is the end for him.

So, from 1 to 10, I give this movie 7.5. It's good, but it could be better I guess. Speaking about one man drama, Charlie Chaplin already did it about a century ago. You might say Charlie looks dumb, but I say he's genius.

Got any comments or your own opinion 'bout this movie? Just post your comment and let's discuss them :)



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