Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inception (2010)

Update (January 30th, 2011): A fine comic titled "Inception: The Cobol Job" can be downloaded here. It's kinda prequel of the story told in the movie. It will explain few "why" that might cross over your mind when watching the movie.

Alright, here's one of my most favourite movies. It's no other than Inception. Hell yeah man! I don't know how on earth Christopher Nolan got the script idea. It's genuinely f*****ng brilliant!

This movie, broadly speaks about dream and idea in my opinion. "Wait, do you say idea?". Yes, IDEA. Not just dreams. "But uhm, I thought this movie tells about people in dreams, does it?". You're right, but that's not the entire ideas.

Dream, as we already know, sometimes (and mostly) depict our imagination. Or memories, sad ones, happy ones, spectular ones (being hit by tsunamis for example...don't laugh...when you got hit by one..I dare to bet you'll dream about it for the rest of your life dude, possibly in worse situation than the reality).

I think Nolan wanted to say throughout the movie, that it is the human IDEA that truly enriches life. The idea sometimes can be so "staggering" that it seems to exceed reality boundaries. But hey, if Wright brothers didn't even dare to "dream", we could probably still stuck with land transportation. I even read that people thought they lost their minds when designing the first plane.

IDEA, like Leonardo said in this movie, is "like virus". Once it's inside your brain, it grows. Thus indirectly triggers another idea. This is why we say "idea could bring another idea". Yes, that's right. Just test. Think something like "damn that girl is hot, i wanna approach her". Does it end there? Quite likely no. Then you'll think "ok, should I just approach her and talk to her? Or I buy some flowers first?". And so on ...

Do we live in real world? Sure (unless you're heavily sedated or brought into a comma by something). But on top of that, there's another "layer". Ideas...dreams....are that layers. And as shown in the movie, it could be more than just one layer.  And more often than not, we dig deeper and deeper into our dreams, then we couldn't tell is it real world or not anymore at some point.

This is what this movie called "limbo". You're trapped create your own world. Everything is happen just like you wish. You're the GOD there, period.

So, wanna get back to real life? Take "the leap of faith"...maybe a "kick" too. Oh and, I forgot to mention, you do have your own unique totem right? Just make sure you have one and bring it in your entire life. Don't let it corrupted....



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